Facebook banned advertising Gris due to “sexual connotations”

It is difficult to say what exactly confused the social network moderators.

Publisher Devolver Digital reported that Facebook has blocked the Gris platform trailer.

The company intended to use the release trailer Gris as an advertisement on Facebook, however, the social network said that the video contains a scene with sexual connotations that contradicts its policy.

Facebook rejected the Gris launch trailer because of the “sexually suggestive scene.” The year started well.

Devolver Digital spokesperson Stephanie Tinsley said in a comment to the Polygonsite that according to Facebook, nudity is present in the video.

This is really stupid. We challenged the ban on the video, and on Facebook we were told that the appeal was rejected because the site does not allow for the image of nudity.

First, [the girl from the trailer] – the statue. Secondly, in the photo there is no nudity or anything at all that an adequate person would consider “sexualized content”.Stephanie TinsleyDevolver Digital representative

Facebook prohibits nudity, making an exception only for generally accepted forms of art, or if the content is aimed at educational activities, such as a YouTube video with “naked yoga” .

But the image of “sexual activity” in the social network is prohibited. It seems that the scene from the trailer was identified specifically for such images.

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