Developer Destiny and Halo broke up with Activision

The company Bungie decided to end the partnership with the publisher Activision, which was engaged in the release of the games studio for the past 9 years. Bungie, we recall, is the creator of the Destiny and Halo franchises. The rights to the Destiny series will remain with Bungie, she will be engaged in the publication of future games and additions to them independently.

The Activision and Bungie partnership began in 2010, when the developer sold the rights to Halo to Microsoft to create and develop the online Destiny. Under the terms of the deal, Bungie pledged to develop games for Activision over the course of 10 years, but without any specifics.

In Bungie, the decision to break up with Activision is explained by the fact that the modern gaming market is different from the one that existed in 2010. As noted in the studio, today fritupleyny games with in-game purchases are held in high esteem, on which everything rests. For this reason, support from an experienced publisher is no longer required. Moreover, Activision has a Call of Duty, added to Bungie.


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