Activision Blizzard changed three heads of its divisions – Call of Duty manager became president of Activision


Permutations in the corporation continue .

A week after the dismissal of its financial director, Activision Blizzard announced additional changes in the leadership, appointing the heads of three of its divisions.

  • Responsibilities of the president of Activision will be performed by Rob Kostic (Rob Kostich) – Vice President and General Manager of the Call of Duty franchise.
  • Former financial director King Humam Sakhini (Humam Sakhini) became president of the company-founder of Candy Crush.
  • Dennis Durkin (Dennis Durkin) was appointed president of the department of emerging companies – it includes eSports, merchandise, as well as developers from Activision Blizzard Studios. Earlier, Durkin also took the post of CFO of the corporation.

Only the management of Blizzard remained unchanged, except for the departure of the company’s financial director on 4 January.

The head of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotyk, said he was pleased with each of the appointed presidents who “have repeatedly shown their loyalty to the company, its employees and the community of fans around the world.

Permutations in the gaming corporation began on 1 January. ActiBlizz announced that they had sent their chief financial officer Spencer Newmann on paid leave, and the next day they announced his dismissal.

According to media reports, Newmann will occupy a similar position in Netflix – apparently, the streaming giant lured away the employee.


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