On the asteroid Ryugu appeared “Kolobok”

The Japan Aerospace Research Agency (JAXA) has published a map of the surface of the asteroid Ryugu, which is being investigated using the Hayabusa-2 interplanetary station. “Hayabusa-2” appeared next to the celestial body in the summer of last year, occupying an orbit around Ryugu, and landed several research vehicles on its surface.

To select the names of objects on the topographic map of Ryugu, it was decided to use children’s fairy tales. The reason – the name of the asteroid itself is taken from the Japanese fairy tale about the fisherman Urasima Taro.

Most of the names are taken from Japanese fairy tales, but unexpectedly among them was the “Kolobok crater”. The yellow color on the map indicates the official designations adopted by the International Astronomical Union, orange – pseudonyms.


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