“It seems that only I remained”: what is known about the future of Splinter Cell

Facts, rumors and speculation.

In recent months, more information has appeared on the Internet about the continuation of the famous series of spy fighters Splinter Cell. Ubisoft itself has indirectly confirmed the work on the game – quite recently Sam Fisher received acameo in another game of the publisher, Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Collected all known information about the development of the project.

The first rumors about the development and return of Michael Ironside

Michael Ironside, who gave the voice to the protagonist of the game, Sam Fisher, could not take part in the development of the last part of the Blacklist due to the difficulties encountered in recording movements. Instead, Fisher was voiced by Canadian actor Eric Johnson.

Rumors about the return of Ironside to the role appeared long ago. The first information was published on NeoGAF in 2016 – then the user under the nickname Crossing Eden reported that the actor was spotted in the Ubisoft studio in Toronto.

This branch was responsible for the last part of the franchise – Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist. In addition, according to Crossing Eden, in Toronto, the company has an “excellent” movement recording studio, which created some scenes for Watch Dogs 2, Far Cry Primal and other Ubisoft games.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Crossing Eden claimed that he was in the publisher’s office during the actor’s visit. He saw no other traces of the development of the game: the user considered that the production of the new Splinter Cell was still in its early stages.

Mentions from Ubisoft

Splinter Cell again hit the media after almost a year. Yves Guillemo, executive director of Ubisoft, took part in the AMA on Reddit, where he answered questions from users. One of the most popular was just about Splinter Cell – a fan wondered what was going on with the franchise.

Splinter Cell is a brand that we discuss a lot. Besides, this is one of my favorite series. We have nothing to share at the moment, but our developers are working on something – continue to follow.Ives guillemoexecutive director of Ubisoft

Later, in the framework of the E3 2017 exhibition, Guillemo again mentioned Splinter Cell, but the players, alas, did not learn anything new.

We have a lot of sketches and franchise proposals. And on some idea we will stop. I think in the end you will see something, but you have to wait.Ives guillemoexecutive director of Ubisoft

However, the fans continued to hope: they believed that the game was announced in the near future as unexpectedly as Beyond Good & Evil 2 on E3.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Latest known information

However, to achieve surprise from Ubisoft is unlikely to succeed. Since the beginning of 2018, a lot of information has appeared on the network, not only that the game is in development, but also about a possible release this year. For example, in March at the Canadian Amazon, players noticed a product called Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 2018.

The description referred to the E3 exhibition and the PC version. The page is currently unavailable, but its cached version can be viewed here .

There are too many matches. Both actors voiced by Sam Fisher are Canadians. Ubisoft Toronto is located in Canada, just like the Amazon branch that posted the ad.

Less than a month after that, information appeared on Twitter from Rectify Gaming that Microsoft received the rights to advertise some projects during E3 2018. Splinter Cell was among them.

Previously, the source has published reliable information about the announcement of the Xbox One X console, so players expect the leak to be true.

Sam Fisher’s appearance at Ghost Recon and confirmation of Ironside participation

A few days after the appearance of this information, Ubisoft published a teaser update for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, with the silhouette of a special agent familiar to players. Sam Fisher, again speaking in the voice of Michael Ironside, is being briefed on a mission in Bolivia – the scene of the Wildlands.

During the update, a special operation became available to players, where a squad of “ghosts” was to assist Sam Fisher in the mission to return the stolen secret data. For the assignment, branded night-vision goggles are issued, and those who have acquired a seasonal pass in the second year received Sam Fisher’s costume and knife.

The final cutscene may hint at the continuation of the famous spy series – Sam Fisher is forced to go on the next mission. In a conversation with the coordinator of “ghosts”, he finds out that his next hypothetical goal has been found.

In addition, the developers have left a hint, referring to another well-known series in the genre of stealth action – Metal Gear Solid Hideo Kojima . When Fisher is informed that “wearing something like bandanas”, the agent resigned, he replies with anguish: “It seems that only I was left.”

The meaning of this phrase once again confirms that Ubisoft is obviously planning something.

On the day of the release of the update on the Inside Xbox broadcast, Michael Ironside appeared, where he spoke about his participation in the work on the franchise. Answering the question about the return to the voice of the main character, the actor said that he did not go anywhere – he “is Sam Fisher.”

Ubisoft is preparing a new game in the series – this is almost no doubt. The only question is how exactly the continuation of Splinter Cell will be – after all, the familiar formula of the series no longer corresponds to the current trends. Blacklist did not meet the company’s sales expectations: instead of the planned five million copies, Ubisoft was able to sell only two .

It would be logical if the developers implemented something similar to the mechanics of Metal Gear Solid V, where the players had an open (albeit formally) world. Such an approach can diversify the gameplay – the variability at the achievement of the goal significantly expands.

In addition, this innovation is quite natural: among the things that Ubisoft considers the most profitable in their games, there is an open world.

Fragment of the publisher’s report for the 2016 fiscal year

It is also possible to return to the traditional multiplayer series – Spies vs Mercs (“Spies against mercenaries”). Its peculiarity lies in the fact that players with a first-person view are opposed to players with a third view.

Spies do not survive in direct confrontation with mercenaries, but in the shadow behind them the advantage

As for Sam Fisher himself, already in Wildlands it is clear that he has aged considerably. If the continuation will take place in 2018, then at the time of the plot, he will be 61 years old. The age of Fisher is enough for a maximum of one game – I wonder how Ubisoft will complete its story.

If the guesses are correct, the game announcement will occur either closer to E3 2018, or at the exhibition itself, as was the case with Assassin’s Creed: Origins. However, Ubisoft is not one of those companies that tries to keep corporate secrets: leaks of information about new projects occur steadily. Therefore, it remains only to wait for what will happen next – as advised by Yves Guillemo.


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