FoxNext: sequel Alien: Isolation not in development


Despite the fact that 20th Century Fox is well aware of the wishes of the players.

About this edition of Variety told Tikkey Jefferson, president of FoxNext Games, engaged in the development of mobile Alien: Blackout.

According to Jefferson, 20th Century Fox knows about the expectations of fans, including the desire to see the sequel to Isolation.

We can tell many more franchise stories about Amanda Ripley, and this does not have to be Isolation.Tikay JeffersonFoxNext Games President

As for the mobile Alien: Blackout, announced on January 7, this game is not tied to other projects in the universe.

Alien: Blackout is an independent mobile premium game. It does not aim to promote anything else in the franchise. The slogan “Read, see, play” in turn relates to what will happen in the history of Amanda Ripley.Tikay JeffersonFoxNext Games President

The president of FoxNext Games also noted that Blackout developers are aware of the situation with Diablo Immortal, but they believe that there is no connection – despite numerous comparisons.

I see some people compare Blackout and Diablo, but I think this is an exaggeration. The displeasure of the Diablo fans was due to the fact that Immortal is a free mobile game. Blackout is a mobile premium game that you buy once, and that’s it.Tikay JeffersonFoxNext Games President

Alien: Blackout will be released on January 24 on iOS and Android, in which the player in the role of Amanda Ripley will lead the crew of survivors – he needs to be taken to a safe area, avoiding meeting with the Alien.


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