Epic Games Store users complained about high regional prices and the complexity of the money back .


The first visitors to the digital store Epic Games Store noticed that the creators of the store are asking for too much personal data when returning funds. According to thecommentators on Reddit, the return policy in the store can violate up to 12 points of the “European Regulation on Personal Data” (GDPR).

When you try to return the money for the purchased game, the following list is requested:

  • Public IP Address (IPv4);
  • Date of registration account in the service Epic Games;
  • Special code, outstanding with every purchase in the Epic Games Store;
  • Place (city, country) where the purchase was made;
  • Account name;
  • The last four digits of the bank card from which the first purchase was made;
  • Last login date
  • Nicky PlayStation, Switch, Twitch and Xbox accounts linked to your Epic Games account.

In a conversation with , Sergey Galyonkin confirmed that this is a temporary solution. In the future, returning money to the Epic Game Store will be as easy as Steam.

Refands will be easier when we introduce automation.
Sergey GalenkinEpic games

In addition, players complain about high regional prices. For example, Shadow Complex Remastered costs 349 rubles on Steam , while in the Epic Games Store $ 15 is about 1000 rubles at the current rate.

Many players report a supposedly overpriced game on tinyBuild’s Hello Neighbor, but this information is not entirely correct. On Steam, only the original Hello Neighbor is sold for 515 rubles , while the Epic Store exclusively released the Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek sequel.

However, the sequel to the one-year-old game really costs several times more than the original, but in this case it was the publisher’s decision.

On Steam, prices are set automatically, and with us the developer himself sees what discount he makes in the region and chooses the value at his own opinion.

I believe that regional prices are very important and therefore we will add more currencies and regions so that developers can set discounts for low-income countries.Sergey GalenkinEpic games

Earlier it was reported that Super Meat Boy Forever, along with several other games, would become a temporary exclusive to the Epic Game Store until 2020, which the players were also dissatisfied with .

Epic Games Store launched during The Game Awards. Its main feature is the increased 88% share that developers get. And players in 2019 will be lured by the distribution of 28 free games.

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