BioWare is looking for a technical director with multiplayer experience for the Dragon Age franchise


Probably, the studio does not want to give up the cooperative mode.

According to the job description , the candidate will lead a team of engineers working on the Dragon Age series. His responsibilities will include drawing up a plan for developing the necessary technologies for the game and tracking the progress of work on the technical component of the RPG.

Experience with multiplayer in this case may hint that in the next Dragon Age there will also be a cooperative mode, as in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect: Andromeda and Mass Effect 3.

It is unlikely that BioWare will decide to combine the storyline campaign and online. Moreover, earlier the general manager of the studio, Casey Hudson, assured theplayers that the Anthem based on the network game would not affect the future of the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises.

The next teaser for the next Dragon Age was shown at The Game Awards in December. Judging by him, the game can come out with the subtitle of The Dread Wolf Rises and continue the story of Solas from the Inquisition.

However, the release will take place not soon – according to VentureBeat, the fourth part of the series should not be expected before 2021.


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