Astronomers have discovered new sources of fast radio bursts in space.

A group of astronomers was able to establish several new sources of space radio pulses, which are also known as FRB or “fast radio bursts”. All of them do not come from our galaxy, with six signals coming from one point.

Most radio bursts are too fast to study properly. Usually they last a few milliseconds and then disappear forever. Presumably, the sources of impulses are at a colossal distance of billions of light years from us. For example, in 2017, the signal came from a dwarf galaxy outside the Milky Way, which is three billion light years from Earth.

For the first time, a fast radio burst was discovered in 2007, since 52 confirmed impulses have been recorded, and now only a second time signals come from one point. Now experts believe that radio bursts need to be divided into two types: those that repeat, and single ones.

The nature of the origin of fast radio bursts remains a mystery to experts.


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