Art kills: The first velvet chainsaw horror trailer with Jake Gyllenhaal

The film from the director “Stringer” will be released on Netflix on February 1.

The action of “Chainsaws” takes place around the paintings of an unknown artist, which enter the exhibition gallery after the death of the author.

Gradually it turns out that not only paints were used in the canvases, but also real blood, and the works in the museum began to attack people.

The main role in the film played by Jake Gyllenhaal, known for the films “Zodiac” and “Prince of Persia.” Also in “Velvet Chainsaw” were filmed Tony Collett (“Reincarnation”), John Malkovich (“Burn After Reading”) and musician David Diggs (TV series “Annealing”).

Screenwriter and director of the film – Dan Gilroy, who has already worked with Gyllenhaal on the thriller “Stringer”, released in 2015.


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