11 games, the fate of which changed the Epic Games Store: what about the prices and what the developers say


On December 7, Epic Games made quite a stir in the PC gaming market by launchingits Steam competitor with a dozen exclusive games.

It is with these games, which have exchanged the familiar Valve service on the Epic Games Store, in this material we will take a closer look.


The creators of Pyre, Transistor and Bastion have never released any games in Early Access, but in the case of Hades, the studio wants to complete development with the community – based on feedback.

Of course, Supergiant does not say whether Epic Games influenced this decision. However, until its full release, the game will remain an exclusive Epic Games Store.

Like Pyre, Hades was launched at a price of $ 20, but for Russian players the usual cost of studio games has doubled. If Pyre on Steam at the start cost just over 400 rubles, then Hades in Epic costs all 899 rubles. Supegiant decided to throw off for Russian players only a third of the dollar price instead of the usual two thirds. I wonder how this will affect sales and revenue.


Action-RPG Ashen, which has already received the first accolades from the press, came out right during The Game Awards. The game is available exclusively in the Epic Games Store and on the Xbox.

Until December 7, on the Ashen page on Steam it was stated that it will be released in 2018, but now it says: “The date will be announced later.” The developers do not talk about how long this temporary exclusivity can last, but judging by other examples, we can talk about a year.

Ashen is a 40 dollar game. In the Epic Games Store for Russians, it costs 1849 rubles. It is easy to calculate that Annapurna Interactive has thrown off 30% of the price for RF users.

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek

The sequel to Hello Neighbor from tinyBuild is released as an exclusive to the Epic Games Store. The developers did not say whether the game will appear in other stores.

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek in the Epic Games Store costs 1399 rubles at 30 dollars in the world (about 2000 rubles). And again, the developers have chosen for Russia a 30% discount.

For comparison, the first Hello Neighbor was launched in the Russian Federation at a price of 515 rubles, although in the world it cost the same 30 dollars. In fact, the developers immediately gave the game to Russians at a 70% discount.


The legendary PlayStation-exclusive six years after the release will be released on PC, but exclusively in the Epic Game Store. In Steam games at least at the start will not.

Price is not yet announced.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Team Meat Super Meat Boy Forever will be released on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC in April 2019.

On the PC, the game will be an exclusive Epic Game Store, the developers have already confirmed that the deal with Epic will last a year. Super Meat Boy Forever will really appear on Steam only in April 2020.

The news of the annual exclusivity angered the fans, but Team Meat actively defended their decision and wrote that “Steam also hated everyone at first.”


The authors Goat Simulator and Sanctum, confirmed that their construction simulator Satisfactory can not go on Steam at all – the studio does not have such plans. The developers even deleted the game page in the Valve service.

The studio confirmed that the decision was made by itself and is not related to the transaction with THQ Nordic.

I know many people will have categorical opinions about our decision. Cool. Let you have these same opinions.Jace varleyCoffee Stain Studios Community Manager

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Space Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, a prebel of the Rebel Galaxy, will be the exclusive Epic Game Store for a whole year.

In their official blog, the developers thanked Valve for her contribution to the development of indie games. According to them, the 30 percent service fee Steam at one time helped many studios survive, but Epic Games offered even more favorable terms.

The developers hope that a 12 percent share of the Epic Games Store will become the new standard and help keep afloat new companies that previously could not exist.

In Double Damage Games, they also believe that manual curatoring instead of algorithms in the Epic Games Store will ultimately help to highlight truly high-quality games, which means that players will receive new, equally good, projects.

We do not derive Steam from the equation. We all have large libraries of games on Steam, and they will not disappear anywhere. Yes, the game is still exclusive, but this is only a specific point in time associated with the launch of the [new] store.Double Damage Games

Genesis Alpha One

A mixture of “bagel” and a shooter with the construction of bases from Team17 publishing house and Radiation Blue studio was postponed on Steam right December 7 – the day the Epic Game Store was launched.

The developers reported that the game will not be released in the service of Valve on January 29 and froze the development of the preview version, making it inaccessible to players.

All said that Genesis Alpha One first starts at the Epic Games Store at a price of 1399 rubles (for Russians again, a 30% discount from the American price).

Rage of players in the comments rolls over.

World war z

Saber Interactive is a cooperative shooter released in the Epic Games Store in 2019. The game did not have a page on Steam, but, apparently, it will not appear in the near future, although the developers have not yet commented on the situation.

Outer wilds

Adventure game in the open world from the same publisher who publishes Ashen.

The developers have not yet commented on the situation, but the game will be released in the Epic Games Store, and on Steam it states: “The date will be announced later.”

It seems to be all obvious.

Man eater

The shark simulator still has a page on Steam, but the game is announced in the starting lineup of the Epic Game Store. It is not clear yet whether Epic has a window of exclusivity.


After studying the list, prices and arguments of the developers, you can select several common features from the first exclusives of the Epic Game Store.

  • Probably, Epic negotiated with the majority of studios for a year of exclusivity, although some developers have not yet disclosed the timeframe of the transaction.
  • Developers actively support the Epic Game Store due to a small 12 percent service charge, up from 20-30% from Valve.
  • Games in the Epic Game Store will cost Russians much more. Developers mostly take off only 30% of the US price for the Russian Federation (perhaps this is Epic’s recommendation), whereas on Steam it often reaches 50-70%. In Epic, this is explained by the fact that regional prices in the Valve service are shown in local currency, and many publishers simply rely on automation. In the Epic Games Store, developers, on the contrary, clearly see how much they will receive in dollars from each copy and make decisions accordingly.
  • Many decisions were probably made at the last moment. Many games have changed their dates on Steam recently.

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