The Europeans defended the draft design of the drone drone


The European aircraft manufacturing concern Airbus successfully defended the conceptual design of a shock unmanned aerial vehicle with a long duration. This is stated in the message of the European concern, which is the lead developer of the project. Now the companies involved in the draft of the drone will be able to begin its detailed study.

Model of a promising European drone drone

The draft design is the first stage in the program for creating any weapons and military equipment. At this stage, the possible appearance of the equipment, the main functions that it will perform, the possible armament, the composition of the onboard systems and the use scenarios are determined.

Three companies are taking part in the project of developing a European drone drone. In addition to Airbus, the French company Dassault Aviation and the Italian holding Leonardo are engaged in the development of the device. With the draft of the UAV, the developers intend to take part in the tender of the European Organization for Cooperation in the Field of Joint Weapons.

For the first time, the project of a promising European project was presentedat the end of April last year. The first flight of the new drone is scheduled for mid-2020s. The device is supposed to be performed according to the classic aircraft nizklana scheme with a T-shaped tail. The drone will receive a normal sweep wing and is equipped with two turboprop engines.

Other details about the new drone are not disclosed.

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