“Who is Ellie?”: As an anonymous e-sportswoman left the Overwatch team because of threats


Some netizens suspect that she is just posing as a pro.

Supplement from January 6. The Second Wind team said that Blizzard had contacted her and confirmed that Ellie is not who she claims to be, and this account was used for purposes “which the team does not support.” Blizzard also reported that this happened because the Ellie account holder did not participate in the Overwatch Contenders matches, so no one checked the account.

Supplement from January 5th. According to e-sports insider Rod Breslow, in personal contact with members of Second Wind, Ellie confirmed that she did not play, and no one in the team knew about it. She really turned out to be a 17-year-old girl, but “not so good” in Overwatch. Perhaps under the name Ellie played a few people. Blizzard intends to arrange a meeting with Second Wind.

On January 2, the American team Second Wind, serving in the semi-professional league Overwatch Contenders, announced the resignation of one of the participants, known under the nickname Ellie.

The management explained this by an “unforeseen public reaction”, and asimple message appeared in the Twitter account of the e- sportswoman: “Excuse me”.

Unfortunately, due to unexpected public reaction, Ellie decided to leave the team. We hope that you, like ourselves, will support her in Overwatch career.

Ellie was on the list of players for less than a month – her participation became known on December 21.

Her real name is currently unknown – it was never disclosed after the announcement of joining Second Wind. Such secrecy made netizens doubt the player’s identity.

Many people paid attention to the relatively low level in Overwatch and the fact that Ellie appeared on social networks only at the end of 2018. For example, microblogging on Twitter was registered in December.

On Reddit, it was assumed that the cyber sportswoman is not the one who claims to be, and is leading a so-called smurf account. These are the accounts that are created by experienced players to start playing among beginners and move faster up the ranking ladder.

Who is Ellie? The question is serious, no one had ever heard of this player before. Account level 146, do not even say that this is the main one.

So who is it really? Some kind of random person or someone’s alternative account?OWFan123reddit user

Account “Ellie” no one has seen in the game before. He appeared about a week before the announcement from Second Wind.

And it does not matter whether she uses voice chat or not.

If she really had other accounts, and someone could confirm that this is a real player, then there was nothing to hide.itslqbreddit user

Other cybersportsmen, including Daniel “Dafran” Francesca, also doubted the existence of the girl. During one of the live broadcasts, he said that perhaps “someone is playing from this account, and Ellie is just sitting nearby and talking.”

Ellie herself posted screenshots of the chat in Discord in her microblog, where one of the users urged her to “find out” to find and distribute personal information. “Not out of malice, just to understand what the hell is going on,” he added.

This guy is a fucking psychopath.

Some netizens nevertheless think that someone else was given out as a cyber sportswoman. However, some noted that the team, albeit semi-professional, would not accept anyone.

There are three options for what happened:

1) the team did not demand any evidence from her of her skills and personality, which is just stupid and not very believable;

2) they know in the team that she is not the one for whom she claims to be, but they still took her, which is even more stupid and improbable;

3) she showed her level of play and was accepted.Stewartctorreddit user

Owner Second Wind posted on Twitter a statement in which he explained Care Ellie pressure detractors and those who wish it success, at the same time.

When we took her to the team, some took it as a symbol of equality in eSports.

I understand that people wanted the best. But it turned out that some of them questioned her qualifications and threatened, while others behaved as if they had found their Messiah.

On the one hand, the player had to fear for their own safety, and on the other, they tried to meet their high expectations.

It seems that the Overwatch community is not ready to perceive the player as simply a player. We just needed a cyber sportsman, but the public seemed to need something else.Justin hughesteam owner Second Wind

Who is actually Ellie, we haven’t found out yet, but all the clips and records of the streams have disappeared from her channel on Twitch . The title of the last broadcast is the phrase “leave me alone”.


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