Unreal PT, another teaser port of Silent Hills Kojima on PC


Now with VR support.

On January 4, a fan of PT Hideo Kojima, Radius Gordello, published a remake of the game, transferred to the Unreal Engine. You can download it for free at The author worked on the game for nine months and wrote it completely from scratch, without using either the code or the model from the original PlayStation 4 game.

But I’m not sure that it will save him from Konami’s lawyers, who owns Silent Hill and everything connected with it.

In the summer of this year, one remake from a fan with the nickname Qimsar was already released, and Konami very quickly covered it, asking the author to remove his project – in return, the company invited him for an internship. True, Qimsar used the source code from the original game, but Radius Gordello did not (although the sounds and in-game photos are completely identical).

Radius Gordello managed to transfer the work of Hideo Kojima quite accurately, while slightly improving the visual component and adding a defocusing of view while moving.

Embryo model, however, leaves much to be desired

However, there are significant differences: in the remake, for example, there are no cockroaches, and the final quest has been greatly changed. Now you do not need to shout into the microphone, as it was in the original.

The solution is clear – PT was designed for streamers: together with their audience, they had to solve the riddle using tips in different languages ​​(they are not there either), and at the end see the Silent Hills teaser. However, in the archive with the game there is a guide, in case someone gets confused – after all, the Unreal PT was created more for the sake of preserving art, like a museum piece, rather than an independent game.

Also, players who have tried Unreal PT say that VR is almost completely broken, so the author does not recommend playing in virtual reality.

But this is all a small price to touch the Kojima game that was destroyed by Konami. If not to the original, then at least to a talented cue, in which some touches were slightly modified.


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