The world’s first USB dongle for the iPhone


The American company Yubico, which for more than 10 years specializes in the production of USB hardware keys, introduced the first such solution for the iPhone.

Security Key flash drive is equipped with two ports: USB Type-C and Lightning. A few days before the announcement, Yubico received an Apple MFi certificate .

Until today, due to the limited functionality of the NFC, the only way to use the hardware keys with the iPhone was to sync via Bluetooth.

The idea of ​​tokens is to strengthen the protection of services and programs. Without initializing such a flash drive with a unique key, you cannot access the application.


USB keys are considered much more secure than a normal alphanumeric password or two-factor authentication. Indeed, without a drive, any hacking is doomed.

While the new Yubico is under development. Companies will have to work on a Lightning software key exchange mechanism.

However, the Security Key should appear on the market already this year. [ The Verge ]


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