PlayStation 4 sales exceeded 90 million and doubled the Xbox One

Sony reported on the successful season of winter holidays for the PlayStation 4: the company has sold during this time 5.6 million copies of consoles. This allowed the total sales of the console to pass for a figure of 90 million – now the world has sold more than 91.6 million PlayStation 4.

During the winter holidays, more than 50.7 million copies of games were sold, and the total sales of all games for the PlayStation 4 are already above 876 million. Last year’s exclusive exclusive for the console, Marvel’s Spider-Man, sold nine million copies by the end of November.

Against this background, Microsoft’s success is much more modest. Fresh statistics for the year yet, but in mid-November it became known that the total sales of Xbox One crossed the mark of 40 million consoles. Even if you throw another couple of millions for the festive season, the figure will still come out twice less than the sales of the PlayStation 4.


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