CES 2019: HTC Unveils New Virtual Reality Glasses Vive Cosmos


Much more autonomous and mobile than its predecessor.

In the frame of the CES 2019 consumer electronics exhibition held, HTC introduced the public with a new wireless VR headset.

HTC Vive Cosmos is positioned as “absolutely comfortable” and “easily customizable” virtual reality glasses. All this is due to the lack of external tracking devices, as well as compatibility with the smartphone. However, an external computing unit, such as a PC, is still required for a better use experience. The device has two front cameras and two side. In addition, the work requires two controllers that will track the user’s movement.

In addition, HTC has demonstrated the VIVE Reality System, which is aimed at social interaction. For example, you can watch movies together or play games. All performed in the form of a virtual hub, which you can move.

The tools and environment of which the Vive Reality System is made are designed so that spatial computations are accessible to everyone, wherever they go to travel in fascinating worlds.Drew bamfordVice President HTC Creative Labs

For more information about HTC Vive Cosmos talk for a week. At the moment, it is unknown about the date of commencement of sales and the price of a new headset.


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