Amazon has overtaken Microsoft and has become the most expensive company in the world.

Amazon’s capitalization has reached $ 796 billion. According to this indicator, a large retailer has bypassed Microsoft, which is estimated at $ 783 billion. Apple, which recently was a trillion-dollar company, is not even among the three most expensive.

So, in third place by capitalization is the parent company of Google – Alphabet. The market estimates it at $ 745 billion. As for Apple, since October 3, when the value of the company’s shares rose to a peak of $ 232, the company fell to $ 702 billion. .

At the end of last year, against the background of the trade war between the United States and China, stock markets were in decline. Only after the new year quotes on the stock exchanges began to show growth. Amazon, in turn, for the first time in its history has become a company – a leader in capitalization.


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