“Potential partners” have shown interest in supporting the final season of The Walking Dead

Telltale still has a chance to finish it.

On September 25, Telltale Games published an official statement on the current status of the final season of The Walking Dead.

Several potential partners have become interested in the possibility of supporting the completion of The Walking Dead final season. We cannot promise anything yet, but we are working on a solution that will allow us to release episodes 3 and 4 in some form.from Telltale statement

The second of the four episodes of the final season is coming out on September 25. The remaining episodes were supposed to be released on November 6 and December 18, but their fate was threatened after the studio laid off 225 people and left only 25 to complete the work on adaptations of Minecraft: Story Mode for Netflix.

It is not clear how Telltale can finish The Walking Dead. It is unlikely that someone will be ready to support the work of the team for two months. Perhaps the developers simply publish the passage of the final two episodes on YouTube, which in itself dramatically reduces the cost of debugging and testing.

Many users have already begun to demand from developers to return the money for the final season, which may not be finished. Therefore, the latest reviews on The Walking Dead on Steam are mostly negative


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