Fix the wrong focus in the portrait picture on the iPhone


Portrait mode in iPhone models with a dual camera module ( iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus / X / Xs / Xs Max ) often allows you to get cool shots with bokeh.

Sometimes during a quick shoot, the smartphone does not have time to correctly assess the situation and takes a photo with incorrectly blurred objects.

Such a frame is not necessary to delete, it can be corrected after shooting.

What can be done by regular means

Unsuccessful frame with wrong focus during fast shooting.

In the standard picture editor, you can simply disable portrait mode for a photo.

1. Open the problem photo.

2. Click the Edit button .

3. Disable portrait mode by pressing the Portrait button .

4. Click Finish to save the photo.

So the smartphone will remove incorrect data on the distance to objects captured by the second camera and turn the portrait shot with the blur effect into a regular frame.

What can be done using third-party applications

Third-party applications allow you to manually select objects that will be in focus on portrait photos.

We recommend using the functional Focos

 application with a wide range of free features.

1. Launch the Focos application and select the unsuccessful portrait shot.

2. In edit mode, click on the object that should be in focus and the program will redraw the blur of other objects.

3. If the algorithm incorrectly determines the objects to be blurred (blurs the necessary or does not blur the unnecessary), then switch to Patch mode .

4. Here, using a brush and an eraser, you can manually create a mask for that part of the frame that will not be blurred.

5. Apply the changes and after reaching the desired effect, save the photo.

So you can always get a good portrait shot, even when the iPhone was wrong with the object of focus.


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