The studio of the former game director Hearthstone is working on the game on the Marvel comics


The company also received an investment of $ 30 million.

Ben brode

The Second Dinner studio, founded by former Hearthstone game director Ben Broad, is working on a game based on the Marvel comics. According to the developers, they have been working on it for the past six months, but only now they were able to fully concentrate on its creation.

The fact is that Second Dinner received an investment of $ 30 million from Chinese NetEase, which, in particular, is working on Diablo Immortal. With this money, the studio plans to expand its staff and is ready to accept resumes from applicants.

Second Dinner video message

Ben Broad left Blizzard in April 2018, and in July announced the creation of Second Dinner. Later , several more developers from the Hearthstone team joined the studio , and in early 2019 the company opened a second office in Irvine, California.

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