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Russian special forces equip spetsrukzaki to carry 100 kilograms of cargo


Parts of special forces and troop reconnaissance began to receive a “modular transport system” (MTS), intended for carrying cargo over long distances up to 100 kg. At the heart of the MTS is a modular platform that looks like a backpack, they write, “Izvestia”. On the straps mounted cargo frame made of composite materials with ergonomic suspension system.

Equipment necessary to perform combat missions can be attached to the skeleton: ATGM, MANPADS, ammunition and so on. Also, a 45 or 67 l cargo bag or a sniper rifle case can be fitted to the frame.

Frame made of composite materials provides vertical stiffness and mobility to reduce the load. The design can take certain forms depending on the type of load, reducing the load on the shoulders and the back of the fighter. The frame itself is not deformed and weighs only a few kilograms.


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