How are the character development system and PvP in Fallout 76


“We turn the assholes into interesting content.”

On August 11, at the Quakecon 2018 conference, the authors of the online Fallout 76 revealed a little more details about the gameplay of the game. In addition to Bethesda creative director Todd Howard, questions were also answered by project leader Jeff Gardiner and development director Chris Meyer, who previously worked on Ultima Online.

There was little new information on the panel, and it mainly concerns the system of character development and PvP.

Update : in dialogue with the editor vg247, Vice President of Marketing for Bethesda, Pete Hines, said that boosters with random perk cards resembling Luthboxes will be issued only as upgrades. In the game or for real money you can not buy them.

With the increase of the level the player gets the opportunity to choose the branch of development in SPECIAL (strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, dexterity, luck): in each of them you can put your perks, decorated in the form of cards. Cards have a level that can be increased.

The points that are given out when the character level rises, are invested in SPECIAL – the more a player puts points into one or another characteristic, the more perks he can use in it. Perks-cards can be changed during the game, making a set for a particular situation.

At the beginning of the game, the survivor will receive new packages of cards with perks every two levels, but over time they will be issued every five levels. Each package contains four random cards, as well as a chewing gum that satisfies hunger. Same cards can be combined, getting a more powerful perk.

Perks intended for charisma are usually aimed at a team game and are combined with the perks of other participants

The PvP system is somewhat similar to Ultima Online. You can attack other players, but until they enter the battle, the damage will be minimal. Todd Howard compared this to a bar fight.

At the same time, for killing players who do not get involved in a fight, sanctions are given: the killer does not receive rewards, but the reward is appointed for his head – he is displayed as a red star on the map that everyone else sees. There is also a mechanic of revenge: the player will receive a double reward for taking revenge for his own murder.

We turn the assholes into interesting content.Todd Howardcreative director of Bethesda

Low-level and high-level players will be able to engage in battles with each other, but the power of equipment at the same time is automatically balanced, so that the battle was fair.

The authors of the game also touched on the mechanics of nuclear bombing. The bombing can destroy the settlement, but at home you can save in the form of drawings and quickly rebuild in a new place.

The developers also said that private servers are planned in the game, which can be modified by themselves – they, apparently, will appear in the game some time after the release.

Beta testing of Fallout 76 is scheduled for October, but Todd Howard noted that this is only the first stage.


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