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Convicted in the case of selling a kidney for the iPhone got 3-5 years in prison


The Chinese surgeon, who was directly involved in the removal of a kidney from a 17-year-old, received three years of imprisonment with a delay of five years for his actions. According to the court decision , the organizer will spend five years behind bars, six other participants in the crime – from a year to four.

A rather lenient sentence is explained by the fact that the doctors and the organizer of the operation to remove and sell the kidneys agreed to pay the victim compensation in the amount of $ 200 thousand, and also offered their sincere apologies.

Recall, in the spring of 2011, a 17-year-old student in the 10th grade sold a kidney for $ 3.4 thousand to buy iPad 2 and iPhone 4 for the money . The organizer received for his work $ 35 thousand, student – renal failure. Earlier, the main defendant denied his guilt, stating that the teenager himself wanted to sell his kidney. Later it was reported that the young man allegedly hid his age.


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