“The strangest beta in my life” – Fallout 76 session testing format disappointed gamers


Early access to the multiplayer RPG for Xbox One owners will be limited to a few hours.

On October 23, the Fallout 76 beta was launched on Xbox One. Bethesda announced that the testing will take place in session format – the multiplayer RPG server will be online for several hours (from 2 to 8) daily.

According to the developers, the server is turned off to make the necessary edits and collect information. According to the authors, this approach will allow you to check the reliability of network systems – in limited hours the load will be greater than during normal game mode.

After the completion of the first beta session, the developers announced that the next time access to Fallout 76 will open only on October 28 from 00:00 to 2:00 Moscow time. Later, the studio announced another two-hour session, which starts on October 29 at 7:00.

Such a format of testing did not suit the owners of Xbox One, who pre-ordered Fallout 76 for the sake of early access to the beta – on PS4 and PC, it starts on October 30. In total, users of Microsoft consoles will only be able to play beta for a few hours more than other gamers.

So I have to wait two days to play two hours? This is not a beta. You will not find any bugs, you will not have server crashes and certainly you will not have gamers happy with how you chose the time [beta] based on what is not clear

Want to say, I pre-ordered the game, but now I can not play beta until Saturday. Yeah. This is the worst beta I’ve ever seen from such a big company. Why bother and do early access to the beta on the Xbox. Would launch it for all at the same time

Two hours, really? I bought an Xbox One X for this shit and all I get is six hours of beta? I already laughed from four o’clock, but two more … Really?

Many gamers blamed Bethesda for not thinking about players who live outside the United States

It is not fair to people who live in the UK. I really wanted to play beta, but time is too late. Why not just run it for 2-3 days

I couldn’t play yesterday because these four hours [beta] were spent during my work. And only two hours on Saturday? I think it will take me a long time to figure out how to play this game. I’m very disappointed. The strangest beta in life

In Holland, we are an hour behind you, so for me the beta lasted until five in the morning.

The Fallout 76 release is scheduled for November 14th. The developers have already reported that at the start of the game can meet a lot of bugs. They stressed that the release will be for them a new stage, after which work on the project will continue


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