“It is filled with the determination of friends!”: The creator of Undertale shot a promotional video for the wrestler Kenny Omega


Video with a fighter as a hero RPG had to show on television.

A video appeared on the YouTube channel of The Elite wrestling team. Toby Fox, the author of the indie game Undertale, took part in its creation.

The action of the video takes place around the fictional video game Kenny’s Quest, the main character of which is fighter Tyson Smith, acting under the pseudonym Kenny Omega.

In the story, under the guise of the store owner, the wrestler sells a cartridge to his young fan, who “plays” in the RPG the upcoming fight between Omega and Japanese Hiroshi Tanahashi.

In Kenny’s Quest, the interface and mechanics are used, similar to Undertale – in the beginning the player tries to “spare” the enemy, and the characters break the “fourth wall” from time to time

In one of the scenes, the characters begin to “knock” on the TV screen, swinging it to get the boy’s attention .

Kenny Omega and Toby Fox are listed as movie directors. The videos were supposed to be broadcast before the battle of Omega and Tanahasi, but it would not be shown for reasons beyond the control of the wrestler. The fight itself will take place on January 4th.

Undertale was released in 2015. Three years later, Fox laid out his next game, Deltarune. Although the fans were trying to find a connection between the two RPGs, the developer stated that their events occur in different universes


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