Celeste authors canceled Skytorn metro in five years after the start of development

The head of the team said that the game was “broken” in its essence.

Programmer and designer Noel Berry (Noel Berry), one of the creators of the platformer Celeste, announced that SkyTorn will not see the light.

The game took place in a world where, after a mysterious cataclysm from Earth, only the islands floating in the air remained, and people began to live in flying ships. The main character would have explored the “fragments” of the planet, which were created using procedural generation

Skytorn gameplay from prototype 2016

According to Berry, he and his team could not decide what is Skytorn. Mechanics, plot and gameplay elements did not fit together, and in order to “save” the game, you would have to rework it from scratch.

Elements of procedural generation did not work with the themes of the metro, and I did not know how to avoid this. Due to the fact that we did not know how to approach an open world that was created by chance, we gradually made the plot and the progression through the levels all the more linear.

I thought that if you remove the procedural generation, then in all this there will be no point. As a result, gradually we increasingly limited the “random” map until this mechanic ceased to have any meaning.

Noel berrythe developer

The programmer said that the developers will take into account their mistakes and try not to repeat them. The studio has already begun to work on the next project, but will tell about it later.

Berry also posted on the network concept art and footage from Skytorn

Work on metroidvania began in early 2014, but Berry himself began its creation two years before. In 2017, the team switched to Celeste, but was going to eventually return to Skytorn and complete the development.


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