Bethesda warned that the release in Fallout 76 will be bugs


The release of the game will be for developers the beginning of the next stage.

Company Bethesda has published in his twitter appeal to fans. The developers noted that at the start of production, Fallout 76 was for them something “very new and very frightening.” The authors tried to understand what the fans expect from them and how to implement it.

In this regard, the studio staff suggest that they might have overlooked any problems of the upcoming game, and therefore ask gamers to condescensionally treat bugs and other problems

We all know that in games with such scale and such opportunities as ours, unforeseen bugs and other problems emerge. We understand that we will face new difficulties that none of us have encountered before.

We know about some problems – for example, about zones in which optimization needs to be improved for a large number of players. We do not know about other shortcomings.

We need your help to find [bugs], as well as tips to understand what important elements need to be fixed. We will solve these problems now and after the release of Fallout 76.

From the message of Bethesda

According to the developers, in the past, the release of the project meant that they could now take a break. With Fallout 76, the authors understand that after the release a new stage of work and support of the game will begin

Beta Fallout 76 kicks off on Xbox One on October 23. Owners of the PC and the PlayStation 4 will have access to it on October 30. The release of the game will take place on November 14th


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