How to use the iPhone if the lock button is broken


On the iPhone, the lock button broke, I can not hand over for repair now. I’m afraid to turn off the smartphone, because then I can not turn it on. How to use the iPhone without this button? 
– Marina

Hello, Marina.

First , do not be afraid to turn off the phone with a broken Power button. If the device is discharged or just turns off, it is enough to connect it to a power source and it will turn on automatically.

Secondly , to turn off without using a physical button, there is a menu item Settings – General – Disable .

Thirdly , in iOS there is a useful AssistiveTouch feature ( Settings – Basic – Universal Access – AssistiveTouch ). After its activation, a virtual button appears on the screen. In the Top Level Menu , add a couple of buttons: Lock Screen and Restart .

Now this menu will allow you to quickly block the device and, if necessary, restart it.


Fourth , in the Settings – General – Universal Access – Quick Commands section, you can activate the AssistiveTouch item and now the menu will be turned on and off by triple pressing the Home button (for all models up to iPhone X).

Fifth , do not tighten with a hike in the service center. One idle module may cause damage to another. As a result, this will lead to more expensive and complex repairs.


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