Yousef Fares: “An apartment without a console or a PC is like an apartment without a toilet”

The main thing from an interview with the developer A Way Out.

Yousef Fares is an actor, director, game director and screenwriter for the recent A Way Out, as well as Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons. He became famous after telling about his game at The Game Awards 2017 with mats and jokes : this behavior immediately attracted attention to both A Way Out and the developer himself.

The VG247 publication interviewed Fares in which he spoke about his childhood, creativity, and views on life. We have selected the most interesting statements of the developer

In Lebanon, where I grew up, there was a civil war. It was not the right place for the baby. I will not go into details, but I saw a lot of things that a child should not see. A lot of violence. In a sense, it shaped me.

In childhood, everyone is trying to do something with their own hands. Many start and throw, but not me. I always wanted to get things done.

Can’t even describe how I love games. When industry leaders say they don’t play too much, I always wonder about it.

For me, an apartment without a console or a PC is like an apartment without a toilet. “What the hell? How can you live here? So much I love the game

I am always humble with people. I may be self-assured, but I always respect others. This is manifested even in small things – in the Hazelight, I never say “They work for me.” Only “with me.”

Hierarchy is a dangerous thing. I know that many people like to have the opportunity to say something like: “Yes, he worked for me, but now, blah blah blah.” All this is made-up statuses. They do not interest me.

After my last film (the comedy “Daddy” of 2010 – ) I lost my passion for cinema. If they give me a hundred million dollars, I still won’t do anything. I need a passion. Money will not replace it.

I love to risk. Try everything you can and can not. When they say to me: “It will not work,” I reply: “I wonder if you should try

In games it is now easy to move the limits of the possible. In 50 years it will be much more difficult. We still understand so little about how to make games, how to tell stories through them, evoke emotions.

I remember talking with a friend who knows nothing about the game. He asked why people are so waiting for the Brothers – a Tale of Two Sons. I replied that it was because the game had a unique control. He showed him the controller and explained that the left stick controls one brother, and the right stick controls the other. He was surprised: “What’s so unique? There are only two styles. ”

On the set, I sometimes offered ideas to the art director, and he said that they were impossible. Then I could myself tell people what to do, and so realize my plans. When developing games, I don’t really know what can and cannot be done, because I don’t know how to write code, and this annoys me

When people get upset and angry about my games, I’m happy. When someone says that in A Way Out the worst ending in the industry, I take it as a compliment.

At the end of A Way Out, we wanted to do a two-dimensional beat’em-up, like in Street Fighter. But people were already waiting for high-quality games, and making a good beat’em-up was a difficult task, so I had to abandon this idea.

We were engaged in shooting one programmer. Of course, if we had a team and experience, like a Naughty Dog, it would have turned out much better.

Time in this life is limited. Carry everything you see into the trash, but treat your neighbors with respect


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