“Why waste so much energy?”: The creator of A Way Out is tired of people who care about playing time


Replayability, in his opinion, is also paying too much attention.

Game director Yusef Fares, best known for his work on Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and the A Way Out cooperative action, said that the six hours required to complete his last game are, in his opinion, the ideal duration. He also noted that he would have made the game for ten hours, but only if he could continue to introduce new mechanics with the same frequency.

The developer at the same time believes that studios should stop devoting so much longer time and replayability.

If you look at the statistics of how many people actually went through the game, for example, take A Way Out, then on PS4 you will see something like 52%.
Yousef Fares
A Way Out Game Director

A journalist who interviewed Fares noted that this is actually quite a high figure – for example, Grand Theft Auto IV passed only about 30% of the players who bought it.

In response, Fares added that he was not too happy with this situation, and compared the gaming industry and the film industry.

It just bothers me that you think this is a good indicator. Imagine someone like James Cameron saying, “Oh, only half of the people left the session, but this is great!”. This is madness. Some game design teachers teach their students to focus on the first 40% of the game, because the rest of the people will most likely not see.Yousef FaresA Way Out Game Director

At the same time, Fares believes that in this case it is not worth spending any effort at all to simply make the game longer.

Why waste so much energy? We must take games as experience, no matter how long they are. If it often happens that people just don’t go through the games, then why do we even talk about replayability and duration? Why should this affect the final assessment? So it should not be. When my publisher [asked about the duration], I simply answered him: “Why are you interested in this? I’m not even going to answer this shit. ”Yousef FaresA Way Out Game Director

The game director noted that making long games, not forgetting about diversity, is more difficult, so he is satisfied with what, in his opinion, meets his goals, instead of artificially “fanning” everything.

Fares also added that sometimes it seems to him that the developers allegedly set the table, while people are dissatisfied that all the food is not there yet. According to him, the players will still “eat” only a small portion, and the rest will simply rot, or people will be very upset in the end


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