The most memorable moments in games 2018 the year


Of course, spoilers.

This year there were a lot of cool games, so that memorable scenes from them have accumulated decently. We recall the best of them, and you join in the comments.

Funeral in God of War

Doubt that Santa Monica will be able to successfully rethink his famous series, I did not have. Neither was there any reason to think that the game would make me reach for a handkerchief in the first ten minutes. Yes, we are talking about an episode with the funeral of the wife of the stern Spartan Kratos.

It would seem, how to make the player truly empathize with the heroes, about whom he knows nothing, in the first seconds after starting the game? Cory Balrog and his studio know the answer: think through every little thing.

It’s not just about great graphics. For these few minutes, the emotions of the characters, rare dialogues, the position of the camera and the soundtrack merge together. God of War plays a scene in front of the player that is impossible to forget, and instantly sets up a serious mood.

In addition to the powerful emotional effect, the funeral episode provides a starting point for the relationship of Kratos and Atreus. A short but impressive exposition (Atrei regrets that the father did not die) forces us to closely follow the dialogues of two heroes, listening not only to the words, but also to the intonation. It is thanks to the introduction that the ending works: the player understands which way father and son have gone before helping each other to come to terms with the pain of loss. There are a lot of memorable moments in the game, but the introduction of God of War made the deepest impression on me.

Red Dead Redemption 2, the first party in the camp

About the attention to detail in Red Dead Redemption 2 has already been said a lot, but what really does not get tired of surprising is how alive the world seems here. It does not revolve around the player, as in most games: it is easy to skip a bunch of content, but not because you are not playing well, but simply because too much happens at once.

At the same time, RDR2 is not similar to From Software or Ice-Pick Lodge games, which try to focus on the player’s needs as little as possible. She, on the contrary, is very attentive: she patiently teaches the player and tells in detail what content is there and how to open it. But developers are not afraid that the player will miss this content.

For example, Arthur has a diary, which is unlikely to read all the players: it is not necessary and does not move the plot. In the diary, the main character just talks about life events, and he has one function – to reveal the character of Arthur to the player. And in RDR2 is full of such “optional” content. A vivid example is the first party in the camp after the escape of the gang from Blackwater.

Immediately striking how lively the party turned out to be at Rockstar: the characters do not sit and do not wait for the main character to talk to them – they have fun without him. But entertain Arthur – is the task of the player. As in life, you can barely manage to do everything here: dance to a gramophone, listen to tales by the fire, sing a guitar and, of course, get drunk.

This small scene, which has practically no plot significance, reveals the characters of several main characters at once and gives the context of their relationship. Something a player learns about Arthur. For example, the hero does not know how to sing at all: Arthur does not just not fall into the notes, but he cannot even remember the words of the songs. It would seem a funny little thing, no more, but everything is a little more complicated than it seems at first glance.

After listening to a few songs with Arthur’s guitar, I noticed a tendency: he remembers only a few words, and in the rest of the time he tinkers to the beat. And suddenly a new track started playing and the hero really started singing. I listened to the words and everything instantly became clear: the song is about a man whom his beloved parents consider too poor and do not allow them to enter into marriage. Her character remembers by heart and it is no coincidence: the words exactly repeat the life situation of Arthur and the relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

It seems that this is only a minor detail, but it is from such trifles that the complex image of the protagonist is formed. Arthur is trying in every way to be like an insensitive bumpkin, but you only need to read his diary or just watch him more carefully, as it becomes clear: he is a very sensitive and sensitive person who is inclined to analyze his actions a lot.

The party in the camp seems to be lost against the background of other moments from RDR2 – dynamic and dramatic. But it was she who impressed me the most: the fact that I already knew the Rockstar perfectly directing the action scenes, but the fact that they can “liven up” a banal household sketch so realistically is new to me. After Red Dead Redemption 2, I’ll already involuntarily wait from the same games for the same event-filled scenes with heightened attention to detail.

Kratos and the Blades of Chaos

Either Santa Monica Studio very skillfully kept it a secret, or I didn’t follow the promotion campaign of God of War very closely, but the presence of Chaos Blades from the previous parts was a surprise for me. The game from the very beginning places particular emphasis on the fact that Kratos no longer wants to touch the gift of Ares, and then puts the character in such a position that he has no other choice.

At some point, Atreus falls ill because of the conflict between the human and the divine within him. Kratos brings the boy to Frey and learns that the only way to save his son is to go to Helheim, where the ice force of his ax Leviathan is simply useless. To cope with the dangers awaiting the world of the dead, the Phantom of Sparta needs a divine fire, and only the Chaos Blades can give it.

Kratos is sent home to get a powerful weapon from the cache. He swims in a boat for a long time, the wind rises, the sky becomes crimson, animals rush to find shelter – all this is due to Atreus’ disease, but, moreover, perfectly emphasizes Kratos’s alarm and the rage that is growing in him.

When the hero gets to the house and takes out the blades from the hiding place under the floor, Athena appears on the threshold. She tells Kratos that he can run as long as he wants, but he cannot hide from the truth that he will forever remain a monster. “I know,” says the Spartan. “But I’m not your monster anymore.”

Kratos passes through Athena and fights monsters with his old weapons. Music, which was previously disturbing and disturbing, suddenly becomes loud and threatening. Under the peals of thunder, illuminated by flashes of lightning, Kratos easily throws away opponents who had previously received too little damage from Leviathan, and the player understands what sacrifice the hero had to make.

The secret of this scene is not only in a magnificent production, but also in how late it takes place along the plot. The player already has time to get used to the “new Kratos” and his weapon, so the look of the hero in his old role is terrifying. In one small episode, Santa Monica Studio developers managed to convey a popular idea for works of art – you cannot run away from the past. Yes, even to do it the way other fails and for 40 hours.

Abandoned Atrei in God of War and the fifth chapter in RDR 2

In God of War, I remember many scenes, but more than others – the episode where Kratos in the elven realm entered the beam of light to charge Bivrest. This episode changes the perception of the relationship between the main characters. Entering the beam of light, Kratos hears the thoughts of his son, who is dissatisfied with being held by an empty space.

The god of war is in a strange dream just a few minutes, but when Atreus pulls him out of this state, it turns out that Kratos was not there for several hours. And then the main character almost for the first time since the introduction loses control over the situation. He looks stunned. And Atreus, standing among the corpses of the enemies he killed while his father was gone, gains confidence and begins to speak differently.

After this price, the player finally ceases to perceive the son of Kratos as just an AI character running alongside the main character. The feeling of the shoulder increases many times over, although not much changes in terms of gameplay.

Another price for me remembered for 2018 can hardly be called a “stage”. This is the fifth chapter of the entire RDR 2. In it, Rockstar unexpectedly breaks all the rules of games in an open world and makes the story almost completely linear. At this point, RDR 2 suddenly turns into a kind of Uncharted 4, which is not much inferior to Uncharted 4 itself.

Up to the fifth chapter, the game is quite monotonous, so a sharp change of location and even of the climatic zone is truly shocking. At this moment, the RDR 2 seems to be rediscovered.

What is even cooler is the metamorphosis that occurs with the physical state of Arthur. From the scorching sun his face burns and his lips dry up, therefore in the sixth chapter the player does not immediately notice that there is something wrong with the main character. This detail is one of the reasons why RDR 2 can be easily attributed to the list of really great and breakthrough games. Rockstar in this case worked with entities that other studios hadn’t even really begun to think about.

The arrival of the fleet of Kul Tiras (World of Warcraft)

This year I remember most of all the final cinematics of the Alliance in World of Warcraft. Imagine: the continent of Kul-Tiras, the birthplace of sailors, thanks to the heroes of Azeroth came to order. The bandits of the Eschweins lost power in the capital, the surrounding villages got rid of the oppression of witches, and the plans of the mysterious maritime cult that operated in the district were destroyed.

However, when the victory seemed obvious, the last forces of the rebel pirates gathered right at the capital’s port, weakened after a massive siege.

The entire population of Boralus, the capital of Kul-Tiras, looked at the frigates of corsairs with sincere horror: even if they accepted the battle, the chances of winning were very small. The soldiers are tired, the defenses are destroyed by the huge Kraken, and the enemy has a real fleet.

And at that moment when the last soldier lost hope, at the call of Jaina Proudmoore, heir to the throne, the ships of Kul-Tiras arrive – huge ships under the control of brave sea wolves that for a long time were considered lost in the ocean. The armada was so huge that the pirates attacking Boralus simply gave up – compared to the powerful Kul-Tiras galleons, their ships looked like fishing boats.

Let this scene may seem banal – it caused a response from me. Perhaps because of the love of the Alliance, and maybe because of the production and soundtrack. But at the moment of the appearance of the Kul-Tiras courts, I literally felt pride in my faction. I wanted to raise the sword in the air and shout “Hurray” – but then I remembered that loud cries didn’t go very well to the robber I play for.

Drunk with a priest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

During the investigation of the brutal assault on the stable, the main character stumbled upon Father Bogut, a priest from Užice who hated most of the dogmas of the church. In the tavern, using eloquence, you can talk and quickly find out all the necessary information about the robbers. Although the investigation can do without talking to the priest. But both of these options are not recommended – because so you can skip one of the best gaming moments of this year.

In order to gain the confidence of a priest without eloquence, Indřich will have to start slowly sipping beer with Boguta. After talking about church affairs, everything will quickly grow into a noisy large-scale drunk with struggle and dice. In the middle of the night, the drunk Injrikh and Boguta smacked the local Rihtarzh, would wake the whole neighborhood with a bell ringing and in between tempt two milkmaids.

The next morning the hungover priest will understand that he will not be able to preach – and will persuade the same hungover Indřich to pretend to be a priest and come up with some speech, allegedly based on the teachings of Jan Hus.

Drinking with a priest, improvised sermon and discourse on the ideas of the Czech Reformation in the framework of a short quest – what could be better for immersion in the atmosphere of the Czech Republic of the early 15th century?

Octavius ​​Storyline in Marvel’s Spider-Man

In the new “Spider-Man” a good main story, which introduces a pack of villains, and shows the everyday life of Peter, and reveals his relationship with many important characters. But in my opinion, the most successful authors managed to work out the storyline with Otto Octavius.

Of Sam Raimi’s whole trilogy about Spider-Man, I like the second movie the most – in many ways because of the villain. Octavius ​​is shown, first of all, as a dramatic character – and only then as an opponent of Spider. The developers of Insomniac “twisted” this drama to the maximum. Octavius ​​in the game causes incredible sympathy, especially after we learn about his illness and the past with Osbourne.

And the most remarkable thing about this serve is that the player knows how it will end. When Peter optimized the mechanical tentacles, I already felt that I would frantically shy away from them (so it happened!). Is that, for my taste, the transition for the villainous side, the developers have already beaten too hastily. Too little time passed between the “helpless Otto, who took everything away from him” and “the treacherous Octopus who freed the criminals and created new equipment for them.”

First minutes of Marvel’s Spider-Man

Everything is quite simple here – these are the opening minutes of the first truly big-budget game about Spider-Man, which immediately allow you to appreciate Insomniac’s attention to detail and the level of staging.

What is it worth a seamless transition from the cut-scene to the gameplay, where the first thing a player can do is to fly alongside the helicopter around New York on the web under “Warbly Jets – Alive” and experience one of the most enjoyable and exciting mechanics in games 2018, along with throwing an ax from God of War.

Sometimes it happens that games in the first minutes do not give enough reasons to start them again, but Marvel’s Spider-Man with its introduction is definitely not one of those.

The first battle with Baldrom in God of War

We have been praising God of War all year long for the way the brutal Kratos image has transformed into it. But, despite the fact that the son of Zeus has aged and become covered with wrinkles, at the beginning of the game no one is afraid of him: neither draugra, nor the giant troll can not break the hero – he is stronger than all.

And then someone knocks on the door of Kratos’ hut. Furnished it as if some local daredevil learned about the Greek and decided to face off with him: well, can not the flabby old man living in the forest more often be a god?

But here the frail wanderer beats Kratos in the throat – and he flies over the roof of his own house. This is how one of the most memorable boss fights begins, not only this year, but perhaps in the entire history of video games. The whole cut-scene is shot in one shot, and the “cinematic” moments very smoothly turn into the gameplay – but even in 2018 you won’t be surprised.

But it is surprising how well orchestrated the gameplay itself can be: in this scene you can feel all the inhuman strength with which Baldr and Kratos strike. God of war beats – the enemy flies away in the opposite direction, demolishing trees and stones along the way. Beats Baldr – Kratos literally imprints on the rock.

Thanks to Santa Monica Studio and Cory Barlog for the world’s only Hachimuchi simulator.

At the end of the battle, even the earth begins to crack, mountains are crumbling: the cosmos is shaken by the power of the gods. This is an absolutely unforgettable scene that will surely enter the pantheon of the best gaming moments of the century – if there’s no place to get PS4, then at least watch it on YouTube .

Epilogue of Red Dead Redemption 2

The mood of Red Dead Redemption 2 changes dramatically on the epilogue when management passes for John Marston. The former criminal is trying to live a new life – that is why the tone of most missions becomes completely different.

In this chapter there are almost no desperate shootings with senseless murders: as in the outcome of the first part, life becomes calm and measured. The game seems to be the opposite of itself.

And because a series of assignments, where John and Charles build a ranch, is impressive and even touches. One feels the long-standing friendship of the characters – contradictory, but real and deep. At this moment, the mood of the epilogue seems to reach an apotheosis – this level is certainly important not only for the head, but for the whole RDR 2 in general.


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