The creators of Fortnite earned $ 3 billion in 2018


The continued growth in Fortnite’s popularity in 2018 allowed Epic Games developers to bring the company’s capitalization to $ 15 billion. And the profit (namely, profit, not income) of the company amounted to $ 3 billion over the year. built-in game store.

This was reported by Techcrunch , citing an unnamed source familiar with the internal kitchen of Epic Games. Fortnite has already played more than 125 million people on all gaming platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Android and iOS, Nintendo Switch).

The company does not publicly disclose its earnings. However, many analysts tend to believe that a developer’s monthly income reaches hundreds of millions of dollars. This includes not only the revenues from Fortnite, but also royalties for using the Unreal Engine developed by Epic Games.

40% of this company is owned by the Chinese giant Tencent. Recently, several other investors decided to attach themselves to the pie, who invested a total of $ 1.25 billion into the company. Thus, the company’s capitalization was estimated at $ 15 billion. But against such significant profits, this estimate can be very modest.


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