Netflix: Bird Box horror with Sandra Bullock set a record for the first week in views


According to the service, the film was watched by about a third of the online service subscribers.

Netflix reported that in the first seven days, the number of views of the Bird Box (“Bird Box”) horror with Sandra Bullock was a record 45 million. The service did not specify what is meant by the number of views. If the number of viewers who completely watched the picture was indicated on Twitter, this is about a third of the Netflix audience (137 million).

The Bird Box was performed by Susanna Beare (“The Night Administrator”), and the film was based on the eponymous story by American writer Josh Malerman. The plot is devoted to a single mother (Bullock), who saves children from the mysterious forces who visited Earth. For unknown reasons, people begin to commit suicide and the only way to avoid this is not to look at mysterious creatures.

On the eve of the release in the online cinema, Bird Box was shown in several cinemas in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and London. At the moment, the picture has mixed reviews from critics (66% on Rotten Tomatoes ) and slightly more positive from the audience (73%).

Earlier, content director Ted Sarandos also said that “Christmas Chronicles” with Kurt Russell in the lead role gained 20 million views in Netflix.


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