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Facebook moderation rules take up 1,400 pages and are full of errors


The publication of the New York Times studied the Facebook moderator’s guide for moderators, makingdisappointing conclusions for users. As follows from the bulk material, the guidelines are full of inaccuracies and frank errors. “A smiley can be just a smiley, or it can be considered a threat,” the investigators say .

As the journalists found out, the rules change on the fly weekly during brief meetings. New rules and requirements are invented on the go by young engineers and lawyers who do not have information about the intricacies of legislation and other factors existing in a given region.

Facebook employees do not have an accurate understanding of what can be published and what is a violation. There may be serious errors in the rules. In particular, it mentions the war criminal Ratko Mladic, who is designated as a refugee. In India, the rules according to which any criticism of religion on the pages of the social network is prohibited. In reality, according to the laws of the country, it cannot be criticized only in the context of stirring up violence.

In the case of Myanmar, an incorrect description led to the fact that the terrorist group that was accused of genocide continued to use the social network for months.

Thousands of moderators often use Google Translate to read messages, which leads to incorrect interpretation. In turn, 8-10 seconds are given for checking messages. Therefore, such work does not last long; most of the outsourcers do.


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