Apple is interested in Sony 3D-sensors for the main cameras of the future iPhone


Apple is exploring Sony’s new 3D sensors, which have been manufactured since this summer. The components will be useful in the main chambers of future generations of the iPhone – they will be able to build three-dimensional objects. This became known publication Bloomberg.

The 3D system is already being used in Apple’s smartphones since last year’s iPhone X. But the scanner is located on the front of the device and is needed for Face ID technology recognition: the system builds a volumetric user’s face mask and determines the owner of the gadget. Now, apparently, Apple will go further.

The 3D sensor mounted on the rear panel allows you to create three-dimensional objects. The principle of operation is as follows: the smartphone measures the time it takes for the beam to return from the points of objects and, based on this, determines the distance to them.


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