Valve bought the creators of Firewatch


Studio Campo Santo will not stop production of In The Valley of Gods, but will simply move from San Francisco to Seattle.

As reported by Campo Santo in his blog, Valve will not reassign a team of 12 developers to other projects, but will allow it to continue creating the next game.

The release of In The Valley of Gods is still scheduled for 2019. It will be released under the brand Valve. The game tells about the adventures of two girls in Egypt, the twenties of the XX century.

According to representatives of Campo Santo, they agreed to become part of Valve, because the company also looks at the game development process, as they do.

During our visit to IGN in 2015, where we came to talk about Firewatch, we stumbled upon an unwarranted award for the best game of 2011 – Portal 2. It just so happened that it was a bottle of champagne with engraving. We never pass by free alcohol, and therefore took her to him to celebrate the launch of Firewatch a year later. So, in a sense, for us, this is a return home. Well, for this bottle of champagne for sure.from the message of Campo Santo

Firewatch is currently the only studio game. She received a generally positive assessment of the press and players.

Earlier, Valve representatives announced that they would re-engage in game development after a long break.


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