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A homeless donated $ 400 000, he was accused of fraud, the money will be returned


Last year, the case of the American homeless Johnny Bobbit and a couple from New Jersey, who through the crowdfunding service GoFundMe collected $ 400,000 for him, became a real Christmas story. The whole trio is now accused of fraudulent collusion, and the site returns money to donators.

The story was as follows: Johnny allegedly helped the girl, giving her her last $ 20 for gas, she posted his story on GoFundMe and offered to chase Johnny into a normal life for rehabilitation. He wanted to rent a house, get a job. As a result, of the required $ 10,000 collected $ 400,000.

But Bobbit saw only a small part of them, the rest was spent by a couple who volunteered to help him. During the trial, the prosecutor accused all three of fabricating the original story. According to him, this is more and more like a fraudulent scheme, although Bobbit is actually homeless.

Against this background, the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe decided to refund all the money to people who participated in saving the homeless.


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