Christmas tree, fireplace, luthbox: Christmas stream on Twitch channel Overwatch


It seems that the developers decided to create a festive tradition.

On the evening of December 24, just as a year earlier , a live broadcast was launched on the official Overwatch Twitch channel.

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The broadcast showed a room with a fireplace decorated with Christmas decorations. The game director Jeff Kaplan, the online director of online shooter, sat almost motionless in a chair by the fire

An hour later, the developer in the frame was replaced by actor Matthew Mercer, who voiced McCree in the game. Most of the time he was silent, but occasionally spoke to the audience, talking about the “crackle of the fireplace” and the spirit of the holiday.

Later, he pulled a red scarf out of a standing next to a loothbox, and with his character’s voice said: “Not bad, very good

At the time of this writing, the broadcast goes more than an hour. In 2017, a similar Christmas stream lasted about ten hours


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