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Roskomnadzor said it is not going to block Telegram for 20 billion rubles


Last week, information appeared on Roskomnadzor’s plans in 2019 to allocate 20 billion rubles from the budget to fight Telegram.

Today, the information was refuted by the head of department, Alexander Zharov:

We did not apply to the Ministry of Finance for either 20 billion rubles or for any other amount for any programs. 
– The head of the RKN, Alexander Zharov

Zharov stressed that the RKN is currently working to improve the system of locks and is developing a system of “point-isolating” applications and websites. At the same time, the head of the department noted that it is still very early to talk about specific amounts.

Telegram lock continues from April 16, 2018. Messenger developers are constantly finding new ways to bypass the lock. [ Kommersant ]


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