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The exit of Fortnite on mobile devices is a true gaming experience. This is the rare case when iOS is actually recognized as a full-fledged gaming platform – almost the only one in the history of the iPhone and iPad.

The launch of Fortnite on computers and game consoles took place in the summer of 2017, it immediately acquired millions of loyal fans. In March 2018, Epic Games is moving a popular 100-player PVP survival game mode to iOS , which promises to be even more popular.

Today, to enter the game you need to get an invite from the developer or an invitation from the tester. There is no official information about the end of the trial period Fortnite.

The transfer of the game on iOS was successful

To try the game, you will need iPhone 6s / SE or a newer Apple smartphone, as well as an iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017 or something fresher. It works, starting with iOS 11.

On older devices (for example, iPhone 5s), Fortnite also runs, but crashes on the intro screen savers or directly from the game menu.

This is an App Store problem — today, developers simply do not have the flexibility to set requirements for using applications. Just don’t waste your time trying to play on iOS-based iOS devices.

We tried to play on iPhone 7, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, as well as iPad 10.5. On each of these devices, Fortnite goes without a hint of brakes, but you can not even hope for 60 FPS – a shooter shows approximately 30 FPS or so in the eye .

Is it enough to enjoy the gameplay? I think yes. We were already surprised how smoothly the developers managed to port such a large-scale project to mobile devices.

As it turned out, the most convenient way to play is on the iPhone X, and this is why:

  • On the screen 18 to 9, you see more peace on the left and on the right, so don’t miss the enemy nearby – 16 to 9, the image is simply cropped at the edges.
  • It is on the iPhone X that the most convenient way is to reach the panel for switching objects in the center from the bottom – on the iPad, this is very difficult.
  • Even on iPhone Plus, you’ll be covering more gaming space with your fingers than on iPhone X — at least, that’s how it worked

On iPhone 6s, there was no way to test the game yet – there was simply no such device at hand. But I think that you can try it on this and other recommended devices – even on a tiny by today’s standards iPhone SE.

Mobile Fortnite can be played without sound

The main question to the shooters on the touch screen – ease of operation. There is an opinion that the keyboard and mouse are more suitable for this genre – this is definitely the grain of truth.

Nevertheless, Fortnite was originally sharpened not only for PC or Mac, but also for the usual game consoles of game consoles. That is why even virtual controls on the iPhone and iPad are suitable for full-fledged gameplay.

When you click in any free space on the left, a virtual joystick appears to move in space, and the right side of the display is designed to look around, aim, and destroy the enemy.

All the necessary additional buttons appear mainly under the right finger exactly when it is needed. For example, after the transition to the construction mode, it is here that there will be tools for installing the used blocks.

The developers transferred the whole PVP-mode gameplay for survival of Fortnite to iOS entirely and practically unchanged.

The only immediately noticeable nuance is the visual display of the sounds of shots and the movement of opponents. In the appropriate place of space, something like a flash appears, which becomes more noticeable, depending on the distance.

This is necessary so that on the iPhone and iPad you can play without any sound at all – for example, at a lecture at a university or at a back row at school.

The game is called monotonous, but it is good

Colleagues on , who met with Fortnite on “adult” devices, consider its gameplay too monotonous. But on an iPhone or iPad, the gaming experience is completely different – it is a cut above any other time killers.

Perhaps, on PlayStation 4, I would have great pleasure in sticking to some kind of adventure like Uncharted 4, but on the iPhone I would rather like to play something faster, more dynamic and not burdened with a tight gameplay. Fortnite is coming.

Among the 100 lucky ones you are thrown on an island filled with chests with surprises and different stuff. Your goal is to survive. To do this, you will collect guns and other uniforms, as well as build defenses.

The developers promise a huge number of regular events, but the sum of this variety of gameplay Fortnite ends. And it seems to me that this is enough – exactly where many-sided than in popular MOBA like Vainglory or in multiplayer TD in the style of Clash Royale .

As I understand it, if you go to Fortnite from an iPhone or iPad today, you will fight with the same mobile players. But in the future, most likely, it will be possible to talk about full-fledged cross-platform gaming.

The only thing is that before this time the guys from Epic Games need to add support for MFi-controllers to the game. It seems to me that without them against full-fledged gamepads it will still be difficult.

Fortnite needs to restart iOS gaming

Before Fortnite, full-fledged adult projects were transferred to the iPhone and iPad with almost no changes in the gameplay. A striking example is a tactical strategy with elements of time management called XCOM.

Then the developers had to cut only the quality of graphic content, and the slow gameplay mobile devices pulled without problems.

But Fortnite on iOS is a more global event. At least, it should be so, if after the end of the test period, developers will be able to achieve a full-fledged simultaneous battle on the iPhone, iPad and PlayStation.

Nevertheless, even if in Epic Games they finally decide to divide the game between the mobile and the rest of the world, as they did in WARGAMING with a separate World of Tanks Blitz , Fortnite on the iPhone and iPad will still be a breath of fresh air .

Fortnite is a AAA level project. We were really surprised how much work the developers had to do in order to present such a large-scale game on mobile devices without glitches and brakes even during the test period.

Be sure to try to get an invite to try the game yourself on your mobile devices. If you already have it, share your opinion about Fortnite in the comments. Do you like it?


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