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“Putin is handsome?”: Moscow 24 journalist, in an interview with Kadyrov, copied Dudy’s question


The head of Chechnya responded deployed: “There is no such handsome second.”

One of the most famous questions for guests in an interview with Yuri Dudy is “Putin – handsome”. The journalist asks him to almost everyone who comes to him: there are several cuts on YouTube with the answers of celebrities, bloggers and musicians. Dud himself also answered this question when he was in the show “Cactus” on the “Navalny Live” channel.

December 22 broadcast of “Moscow 24” published an interview with Ramzan Kadyrov, under the rubric of “VIPs”. Journalist Yevgeny Dodolev asked the head of Chechnya the same question that Yuriy Dud usually asked his guests. At the same time, without naming his name or the name of the program on YouTube. The question fragment begins at the 19th minute of the video.

Journalist: “I want to borrow a question from the most popular online journalist who specializes in the interview genre. He has such a core question, which he asks all. He is very short: Putin is handsome? ”

Kadyrov: “Putin is an absolute handsome. If you ask me, I’m Putin’s infantryman. I always say, I am obliged to Putin, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Be he president, private. I owe my whole life to one person – President Vladimir Putin. There is no such handsome one. ”


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