How to set up an answering machine for incoming messages on iPhone


Modern smartphones provide users with more and more chips and features. Not all iPhone owners know that a smartphone can respond to incoming messages on its own.

Now we will understand how this works and how to set up such a chip.

How to set up the answering machine

As an answering machine, we will use the chip “Do not disturb the driver . ” This is one of the Do Not Disturb settings .

1. Go to Settings – Do not disturb .

2. In the Call admission section, select a group of contacts who can bypass the mode or specify Nobody .

3. Parameter Do not disturb the driver – Activation set Manually .

4. In the Auto Answer section, select which group of users the answering machine will work for.

5. In the box below, write the text for the answering machine.

To quickly activate and deactivate the mode with an answering machine, we will use the corresponding button from the Control Point (add along the path Settings – Control Point – Configure Controls – Do not disturb the driver


How it works

Now for a meeting, lecture, important meeting or other event, we can activate two modes: normal Do not disturb and Do not disturb driver with an answering machine .

To do this, use the appropriate switch in the control room.

Now, when an incoming message arrives, the addressee will receive the following response:

In addition to the prepared template, an instruction will be sent to him to bypass the Do not disturb driver mode.


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