The Chechen Minister and the localization studio found a solution to the scandal surrounding the book Vampire: the Masquerade

The minister asked the publisher to find the authors of the scandalous chapter and release the game about Chechnya with “stories from the Light”.

Illustration for the chapter on Chechnya from the book Camarilla for the fifth edition of VtM

November 19 held a press conference “National News Service,” which was attended by the Minister for National Policy and External Relations of Chechnya Dzhambulat Umarov and representatives of the localizer publishing “Studio 101”.

On November 16, Studio 101 launched a crowdfunding for the publication in Russian of the book Vampire: The Masquerade. 20th Anniversary Edition (VtM v20 for short). The launch of the project coincided with the scandal around the book Camarilla for the fifth edition of the board role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade (VtM v5 for short).

In Camarilla, the authors referred to Chechnya in a negative light – supposedly this region is the only one in the world that is completely ruled by the Assamite clan of vampires. The book featured “Sultan Ramzan”, serving vampires, and disguised feeding places. The authors also recalled the persecution of representatives of the LGBT community in the republic. According to their version, this is just a way to divert attention from the fact that vampires rule the region.

At the beginning of the discussion, Umarov announced that the Chechen people demanded an apology from the authors of the game, whom the minister called “veiled by the Nazis.” According to him, such a company “must cease to exist.” In addition, Umarov suggested clarifying the localizer, “in what monetary equivalent” the authors will apologize.

We will not leave this issue. Such an insult we have never put. Tried We were accused of being shot, like in Stalin’s time, by some people without trial.

The Chechen people can spit the masters. But to go apologize quickly to the formidable LGBT community is yes. I have nothing against this community.

Dzhambulat UmarovChechen Minister

During the conversation, the publisher explained that he had nothing to do with the game involved in the scandal. The company publishes a book on “another role-playing game from other authors”, but in the same universe – VtM v20. According to the publisher, after Camarilla came out in electronic format in early November, the localizers sent a letter to White Wolf expressing their dissatisfaction with the head about Chechnya. “Studio 101” also clarified that the book did not get to print.

At first, Umarov reproached the localizers with the fact that they “work for their masters” and stressed that in this conflict he is on the “side of the Light.”

You insulted us! I am telling you as the representative of the World of Darkness. As a representative of the world of Light, do you understand?

Dzhambulat UmarovChechen Minister

But later, after explanations from the publisher, the minister apologized.

If the guys are not related to this game, then I do not understand what I’m doing here. In the beginning I got excited and apologize for my words. They have nothing to do with it.

Dzhambulat UmarovChechen Minister

At the end of the press conference, the minister asked representatives of Studio 101 to assist in the proceedings with the authors of the book. Umarov offered the publisher to provide their contacts so that “we figured out where the thoughts about insulting Chechnya came from.” In addition, as an option of an apology, the minister considered the publication of a book on Chechnya, in which the history of the republic is shown in a positive way and with “stories from the Light”. It is not specified whether the book is about the same universe or not. Umarov refused a “cash equivalent”


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