Apple about the bent iPad Pro: they meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy


A few days ago, Apple confirmed the fact that some of the new iPad Pro 2018 have deformed cases. The corporation stressed that it is normal and it will not change such tablets to “even”. On the eve of Apple’s vice president of hardware development, commented on the situation.

Apple has confirmed that some of the new iPad Pro 2018 have a deformation of the case. It is barely noticeable, but you can see the curvature of the frame with the naked eye. Apple stated that the deformation is not a defect and is in fact related to the manufacturing process.

Over time, the curvature should not increase and somehow negatively affect the performance of the device. As a result: the bent iPad Pro 2018 is normal, confident in the American company.

Apple’s response came after complaints from tablet owners and media coverage. The most noticeable is the deformation on the LTE versions of the device, which is connected with the plastic elements of the case that ensure the operation of wireless communication modules.

According to Dan Riccio, iPad Pro 2018 meets Apple’s highest quality standards in terms of design and production accuracy. The top manager stressed that the standards for the iPad Pro 2018 are higher than for previous models. As noted by 9to5mac, the deviation from flatness in these devices should not exceed half a millimeter (400 microns from the words of Riccio) and remain so for the entire lifetime.

Bending, writes the publication, and quite noticeable, is observed in absolutely new iPad Pro 2018, which only got out of the box.


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