What you need to know about the digital store from Epic Games


The site will open for all developers in the middle of 2019.

Epic Games has announced plans to launch its own digital store. In this case, the site itself will take only 12% of the revenue, while Steam takes 20-30%. In addition, the commission of Epic includes the cost of using its Unreal Engine. Now, when developers release the game on the UE in the Valve store, they must deduct Epic 5% of revenue in excess of 20-30% in favor of Steam.

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney told Gameinfromer and Variety about how the service will be

  • Epic Games calculated the optimal amount of commission, based on the experience gained in operating Fortnite. According to Sweeney, with each purchase in the “royal battle” developers get 93-95% of revenue. The balance goes to payment systems, content delivery networks (CDN) and other expenses related to transactions. A commission of 12%, as the Epic CEO notes, will allow the store to remain profitable.
  • The store will run on PC and Mac by the end of 2018. On Android, it should appear in 2019. Epic would like to launch its platform on iOS at the same time, but so far the company has problems with Apple’s policy prohibiting purchases bypassing the App Store. Fortnite developers are not going to run the store on consoles.
  • Access to the store will be available through the Epic Games launcher, and through the browser. However, in order to download and update games, the launcher will still have to install.
  • At the launch of the store will be a small selection of games, specially selected by Epic Games. The site will open to all developers by mid-2019.
  • The developers themselves will set the share of the revenue that they plan to give to users who create video content for their games. In this case, the first 5% in the first two years will be paid by Epic itself. For a share of the proceeds, developers will have access to 10,000 YouTube and streamers – participants of the Support-A-Creator program.
  • The store will not have its own DRM-protection. Developers will be able to independently choose it for their games, or even release them to the store without protection.
  • At launch, the store will not have achievements similar to those on Steam, but Epic Games are working on similar features.
  • Marketplace in the store will not.
  • Epic Games games will be available only in its store. In addition, the company intends to negotiate with other developers on exclusive releases.
  • The store interface will not support virtual reality. Nevertheless, it will be possible to release a VR game.
  • Moderation of content will occur manually. At the same time, Epic Games is not going to close access to its platform for adult game developers

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