Valve has reduced its stake from games in Steam, the proceeds of which exceeds 10 million dollars


The company is again trying to attract major publishers.

December 1, Valve updated the distribution agreement on Steam. The main innovation – the company has changed the share of revenue from profitable games. If earlier the share of Valve in the distribution of revenue from sales was always 30%, now the percentage depends on the total revenue of the game.

  • When the game earns more than 10 million dollars, the share of Valve’s revenue over this amount will drop to 25% (the publisher will receive 75%).
  • If the game earns 50 million dollars, then the share of Valve’s revenue over this amount will drop even more – up to 20% (the publisher will receive 80%).

The company said that revenues are sales from not only the game itself, but also kits, DLC, in-game purchases and interest from the trading floor.

Separately, Valve emphasizes that the new rules are valid from October 1 – revenue before this date is not taken into account.

Other changes in the agreement relate to the disclosure of sales figures by publishers themselves – the company’s partners can now freely exchange data at their discretion.

The remaining updates of the document touched on some formulations about user data in accordance with the European Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Apparently, the update policy Steam is associated with the “outcome” of the major publishers of the service. In 2018, several major releases came out of the platform at once – for example, Fallout 76 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The highly successful Fortnite is also not represented on Steam


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