Players who receive Subnautica from the Epic Games Store use the Steam community to solve their problems.


In the Epic Games store itself there is nowhere to do it

Epic Games Store started working on December 7th — even before the store’s launch, Sergey Galyonkin , director of publishing strategy at Epic, confirmed that it will not have an analogue of the Steam community, since “no developer wants to see forums and the toxicity they bring”.

On December 14, the first free distribution started at Epic Games Store , during which players got the opportunity to pick up an adventure game Subnautica. And since there are no forums in the store, users began to search for solutions to technical problems on its page in the Steam community.

For example, one of the players shared his solution to the problem, when after starting the game only a black screen appeared

Another Epic Games Store user ran into a problem when it became possible to start the game only directly through the launcher

However, there were those who owned the game on Steam, but decided to go to the Epic Games Store and began to ask if there was a way to transfer the save

As users on Steam noted in the comments to these discussions, Epic Games is still worth adding your own forum to your store.

However, Epic is going to go the other way and, instead of forums, provide users with a ticket system to contact the developers directly. How exactly this function will work is still unknown.

Epic Games Store since the launch has already acquired several exclusives, and in mid-2019, the site will open for all developers


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