Meme: DVD logo that can’t get to the corner of the screen


By the end of 2018, thousands of people began to monitor the DVD player screensaver, to invent jokes about it, and to embody someone in real life.

The classic DVD screensaver is one of the “greetings from the past.” In the animated screensaver, the logo constantly beat on the “walls” of the TV, changing colors (screensavers were less common without changing the player). During the process, there is a small chance that the DVD icon will hit exactly the angle of the screen. The desire to see this legendary moment by the end of 2018 led to the emergence of popular YouTube streams, parodies and memes.

It is believed that the screensaver was developed by the organization DVD Forum, which since the end of the 1990s has been concerned with the development of a format all over the world. At the time of creation, companies like Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba and Walt Disney were included in the DVD Forum, but in 2012 the organization was transferred to a “reduced activity mode”. The uniform screensaver was introduced in 2000 to “standardize” DVD players.

For several years, a splash screen logo could be found in tens of thousands of homes around the world. But the legend of how amazing it is to see the punch of a DVD icon on a corner of a screen has spread with the TV series Office. In the fourth season of the show, the characters try to see the moment they hit the corner during the meeting. During the episode, they doubt that this can happen at all.

The launch party series with a joke about the screensaver was released in 2007. A year later , the video “Science hiding behind the perfect DVD logo in the corner” appeared on YouTube . The authors of the video claimed that they had solved the “greatest mystery in history”, and in fact the “perfect hit” occurs every 3.5 minutes.

Gradually, such an insignificant detail, as the screensaver hit the corner, became overgrown with legends. In 2012, unknown people launched a website that launched a splash screen with a dvd logo – after almost seven years, it still works. Periodically , videos appeared on the Internet with the emotional response of people who saw with their own eyes the “perfect hit”.

In 2016, math teacher David Vreken tried to predict the moment when the DVD icon was hitting the corner. He calculated several possible cycles of movement of the logo, depending on the speed of the animation, the screen size and the size of the logo. In some cases, the cycle passes in two minutes, in some – in 45 minutes.

By the end of 2018, the DVD screensaver turned into a meme. In early December, YouTube launched a stream with animation from old players. Thousands of people began to see if the logo would hit the corner of the screen. In three weeks of broadcasting, the video still has a thousand viewers at a time.

On December 6, the PewDiePie videoblogger drew attention to the DVD screensaver , and Reddit started making jokes with the logo. The essence of the design: in every corner there are things that you never reach

“My posts on Reddit are five thousand likes / getting home / getting into the“ hot ”section / getting into the top of the day”

The Holy Roman Empire – to be holy, to be Roman, to be an empire / to keep inner peac

I get up early / high marks / love to pizza with pineapples / desire to live

Any girl – I / I / I / I

I am a girl / happiness / serotonin / money

On YouTube, they began to edit videos from sporting events, imagining that the crowd was glad that the DVD logo hit the corner

About the screensaver joked and Twitter

Four-year-old me when the DVD screensaver hit the corner of the screen

Mom:” What are your plans for the weekend? “. Me: “Watch the DVD screensaver until it hits the corner.” Mom: “Okay, but don’t stay late”

There are various versions of the screensaver. This, for example, Russian

But, of course, you can always make a DVD logo with your own hands


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