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Do not believe Facebook. He can still spy on you

After the grand scandal with the drain of user data, Facebook announced that it would not follow them. Many people were skeptical about this news, and, perhaps, for good reason.

Publication Mashable reported on the company’s patent, describing the possibility of spying on users. It tells you how Facebook can remotely turn on the microphone of your smartphone to start recording.

In essence, the company introduces high-frequency audio signals into “broadcast content”. They are inaudible to the human ear. These signals instruct your smartphone to record the ambient sound, and then send the “empirical imprint” back to Facebook for analysis.

Based on the data obtained, automatic advertising integration will be built according to the interests of users.

Facebook, of course, denies the use of this patent. The company says that, like others, it has only patented the technology, but it is unlikely to ever use it.

And why I do not believe in it? [ 9to5 ]


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